Happy New Years!

Happy New Year Everyone!!!

2016 was a very mixed year for me and so I’m super happy it’s over.

That being said I’ve always loved the New Year because of the season of change it brings with it.

A new year is a perfect time to reevaluate and make changes you’ve been meaning to make for years.

I have done some soul searching and I have come up with a few resolutions that I think I will be able to stick to this year.

  1. I must cook more in 2017.
    • I love cooking in theory but I’m also pretty tired when I get home and so I tend to not cook as much. My aim is to cook breakfast and lunch a couple times a week, every week.
  2. I must take better care of myself.
    • Being busy is a blessing but it also makes you less aware of the damage that you are doing to yourself. I had this on my new year’s resolution list way back in 2011 and I became a better person because of it but as I moved into the working world I slacked off on the habits I had created. So to ensure that I stay healthy and happy for years to come I will be taking on the following challenges.
      • Eating healthier
        • I’ve really slacked off on eating healthier and have found myself eating a lot of take out and junk food simply because it’s easier and I’m tired but I think with me aiming to cook more I will be able to eat healthier this year.
      • Exercising more
        • I walk a lot and that is something I’m very proud of but I don’t actually have an exercise regime to help me lose weight and stay healthy and that is what I plan to implement this year with the help of the app Nike + Training.
      • Taking care of my skin
        • I have really been slacking on moisturizing my skin or doing much more than simply keeping it clean. As a result, my skin isn’t as soft and luscious as it was before. My aim is to return to the skin care routine that has served me so well in the past to ensure my skin doesn’t age faster than me.
      • Taking care of my hair
        • I have always had thick hair that can withstand a lot of neglect but I want to ensure that my hair is super healthy so that it can grow and be really strong.
      • Putting more effort into my appearance.
        • I’m pretty laid back about my appearance, I like simple and comfortable over glamorous however I do like how confident and pretty I feel when I put a little effort in. As a result, I aim to glam up my comfort clothes just a bit to ensure that I feel confident and amazing every day.
      • Having a better work/life balance.
        • Since I entered the working world roughly 5 years ago I have been a full on workaholic. When I’m not at work, I help out at my parent’s store or I’m home on my laptop catching up on work I have to do. I rarely go out or do anything just for fun and I really want to change that. I need to reconnect with my friends and family and just enjoy life a little more.
  3. I must read at least 50 books.
    • I love reading and this is my standard goal each year however in 2016 I had a really tough time keeping this goal, so much in fact that I lowered it to 20 books. I fell into one of the worst reading slumps I have ever had where I didn’t read a book for months at a time. In the latter part of the year I picked up A Game of Thrones and it has really helped to get me back into the reading groove. So this year I am setting my goal at 50 to ensure that I keep up the momentum.
  4. I must be more organized.
    • I pride myself on being organized however long days in the office and being a workaholic is not conducive to being super organized at home. I slack off and just relax most days when I’m home and so my nicely thought out processes do not get followed. My aim is to keep my room super organized and running like a nicely oiled machine so that I don’t have to do big projects every couple weeks to get myself back on track.
  5. I must save more.
    • In 2016 I really stepped up my saving game and put some processes in place to ensure that in a couple years I will be debt free and ready to move out of my parents’ house. For this to happen though I do need to be more consistent when saving. While I saved a lot last year I didn’t put away as much as I should have as I didn’t put savings first. So this year my plan is to treat my savings account as a bill which has to be paid regardless of what’s going on. This is the only way I can ensure that I don’t make bad financial decisions and spend my savings.

Are you making new year resolutions this year?

If so, what are they?

Let me know in the comments below.

I wish for you and yours a wonderful and prosperous 2017.

See you tomorrow!


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